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It was a trip to Paris, France where Letia redeveloped a love and knowledge for art, furniture and textile. From her experience came a deeper understanding of how to shop, what to buy and color selection.

"At an early age I was introduced to sewing, patterns, material selection and detail; not thinking that these influences would become an intricate part of what I do today! I've been an IT professional for over 25 years, as well as a discussion contributor for a well known woman's magazine; but my passion is definitely decorating, who would have thought!" jokes Letia.

Self taught, Letia has provided her expertise on projects for a prestigious list of private homes and clients. As a boutique decorator, you might find her contributing to staging for a home resale, traveling to the latest design show or guarding an antique shop find. As the projects grew, Letia went on to form Letia Mitchell LifeStyle and Design.

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle and Design marks another milestone for Letia, with the launch of the website, she will be able to reach a broader audience. "I'm so excited, not just for the obvious reasons. Of course, I can't wait to show everyone my work, my creativity and share my ideas. But, mostly, I want to connect to people who just need answers to their decorating dilemmas; to share information whether it is about a work style or a fashion style. I want to provide feedback, plus hear how people are living and what could be done to make it just a little better. Let's say better living!" laughs Letia.